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Improved second generation Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen.

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Reattach locking connector to board

While trying to repair a Nexus 7, the locking connector was removed from the Main Motherboard (sigh, it was taken off by mistake). Nothing else happened to the motherboard and the connector came off as clean. Can the connector be reattached by soldering it back on, or will a new motherboard need to be ordered?

The place where the connector went is pointed to by the tip of the screwdriver.

Block Image

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Your picture do not give any idea what is going on. If you want to know the answer and get help, please post detail picture of the system and how it look like. Then you can get the right help.


davidshanlay the pictures that are posted with the question look good to me. You can clearly see the solder pads where the connector was once attached to.


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@nexusnex if the connector is still in good condition it can be soldered on. Make sure that the solder pads on the board are all okay.

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I think they may mean just the plastic piece on the ZIF connector.


It's the whole piece that contains the plastic lock and the connector. Even though the connecter was not connected by solder - it can be soldered on?


@nexusnex post a couple of good images of the part and where it belongs with your question. That should help out a lot. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

If the part was not soldered to the board before, there will be no solder pads to solder it to.....


Thank you. Post edited with a photo. I suspect it can't be attached, but worth a shot. If it can't - is the only solution to get another MB?


Yep, those are solder pads. So, that connector needs to be soldered to the board. If you post a picture of the connector and the little "wires" we can probably tell you if it can be re-soldered. Anyhow for a job like that, you'll need some good skills and tools to solder it


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