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The Samsung 5 Megapixel camcorder was released in 2011. It can be submerged in water up to a maximum of 3 meters and dropped from a maximum of 2 meters. It also records video in 1080P.

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Why does the battery discharge very quickly?

My camera's battery dies out very quickly. It seems like the battery life is getting worse day by day. It would not stay on for longer than an hour.

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There are many reasons why your battery is not performing the way it should be. Check the device troubleshooting page as well as the following tips to try fixing the problem:

1-Check your settings for any option that might be causing the battery to Drain quickly. if you cant find any try resetting the camera to factory settings.

2-How old is the battery? It might be time to replace it if you have had it longer than 3 years.

3- Check that the battery connections in your camera are not rusty. This may drain your battery faster than it should.

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How long have you had the battery? Even rechargeable batteries have a life span.

If you have been using the same battery since new and have had it for 2-4 years, then depending on usage, the battery is most probably starting to fail.

Search online for a replacement battery for your camera. Just type Samsung HMX-W200 battery in the search box to get results. They are not that expensive.

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