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Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 & I8262 Android smartphone. Announced May 2013.

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not registered on network

My friend brought her phone from New Zealand to UAE. Now it is not working with UAE sim card. Error "Not registered on network".

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Thanks so much Jayeff. Your advise solved my problem and I got the code to register the phone.


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Is her phone 'unlocked'? It may still be locked to the carrier in NZ. She needs to contact her provider in NZ and ask for the unlock code, (or go online to her NZ provider's website and search for 'unlock the phone' information).

Once it is unlocked it will work with all compatible providers, (as long as their frequencies are

GSM (2G band)- 850/900/1800/1900, HSPA (3G band) -900/2100).

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Thanks so much dear. This solved my problem. I got the code from their website and now perfect. Thanks again.


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