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The Asus X555L is a low budget laptop that came out in May of 2015. The model depicted in these guides is X555LA-SI305041, an Intel Core i3 laptop designed to be affordable for consumers. Similar model numbers: X555LB, X555LD, X555LF, X555LI, X555LJ, X555LN, and X555LP

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Hard Drive Connection Broken


my laptop has 2 connections from the HDD bay to the mother board, I broke the connection on the motherboard, do you think I need to replace the motherboard or can it be re-soldered?

Thanks for the help!

Keegan Bourque

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In what way is it broken? Some pictures would help.


pictures please


Thats the same laptop i have and i love it! :)


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Block Image

ingeneral a laptop has a cable that connect from the motherboard to the hdd. In the picture I've separeted into three parts that cable. a,b and c.

A - connection to HDD

B - the bodie (the cable itself)

C - connection to the motherboard.

if any of A,B or C fails, the whole cable fails.

you can find online replacement parts and order one made for your laptop.

***the cable is a separate bodie from the motherboard if you have broke the connection ON the motherboard, then mabie you ave to find alternatives to your conection ex. mSATA HDD Link form iFixit



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