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The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) is a smartphone from Samsung.

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Phone wont turn on

I was recently using my phone yesterday at 6pmIt was down to the last 5% charge. I plugged it in and could see the lightning (charging). I kept using my phone and it went down to 1%. I know phones dont charge well when you are using them but i needed to do something quick. I left it alone at 1%, but i guess it was a bit to late and it turned off. Normally it would show that its charging and the percent on the screen since it was already plugged in. Nothing showed. I unplugged it and re-plugged it and nothing. I decided to leave it alone. This morning 7am i plugged it again left it for awhile and it was warm bit it still wouldnt turn on. I has only been 6 months that i had this phone. I want to say its the battery but i dont know. Do you have any idea. It was working fine. I have uses the phone until it reaches 1% and it has died but never this

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UPDATE: I called Customer service yesterday and they tried to help me out but the phone still wouldn't turn on. They told me to go to Best Buy- Geek Squad since they are approved and certified. So I went. I told the person helping me about my problem and that I was told to go to them. She wasn't sure and asked her manager. He started saying that they didn't deal with phones only tablets but I repeated again about what customer service said. He hesitated a bit before asking someone else to help me.

......So basically what they did is they forced charged it/ super charged it (I forgot exactly how they said it) the phone for a few minutes and it turned on. They said that the phone probably got stuck, frozen and didnt know how to respond.

BE PERSISTENT: That same day in the morning I had gone to another Best Buy (This was before calling customer service). I asked if they could look over my phone. I was told they only dealt with phones bought from the store and that they had to have warranty, insurance.


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The geek squad was smart in doing a boost charge to the battery. What most people are unaware of is that most lithium ion batteries in phones and other devices actually have a protective circuit enclosed in the battery. This helps prevent damage to the battery due to overcharging, discharging, extreme temperatures, and other factors. If a battery discharges below a certain voltage it can trigger the protective circuit. When it is in this state the battery will read at 0volts with a multimeter. You can wake the battery by doing a boost charge. It's kind of like jumping a car battery. You are supplying the battery with a higher voltage for a short period of time. By doing this it wakens the battery from this sleep state and then you can use the original charger to finish charging the battery. A lot of people throw away perfectly good lithium ion batteries because they think they are dead when in reality they actually are not and just need boosted to get them to charge and function again. This is especially true for batteries that have sat for awhile unused. To help prolong the life of your batteries try to connect your phone to a charger when it's between 15-20% and let it charge to at least 90% if possible. I know this is not always possible but it will help extend the batteries lifetime by preventing from overcharging and discharging to often, which can affect the health of a battery. Extreme hot and cold temperatures can also affect the life of your battery.

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Thanks for the explanation!!! I could have probably prevented this by buying the right wall charger from day 1. The adpater the phone came is different from the one I needed.... so smart me thought I'll just use the one from my tablet since its a samsung charger after all.

---I was told the opposite of what you mentioned. I was told to use the phone and let it die on its own this prolong the battery life.

Thank you for your input!!


What you have mentioned about fully discharging the battery to prolong it's life was true for the older nickel type batteries but not for newer lithium ion batteries. I will provide some links if anyone is interested in learning more about batteries.





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Hi, @chamis

A lot of retailers do not do warranty work unless you purchase (or are given in the deal) a warranty agreement from them but there is always the manufacturer's warranty on the product. In most cases it is for 1 year (12 months) and as you have a new model phone you should still be covered. Verify this by checking the purchase receipt for the phone. If the phone is still within the warranty period consult the warranty information contained in the documentation that came with the phone as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair or replacement.

If you cannot find the documentation, go online and search for Samsung galaxy A9 (2016) warranty for your location.

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Hi. I wasn't looking for warranty work. If there was any work to be done i knew i would pay out of my pocket. This phone is meant for Hong Kong and Macau. I live in California so the warranty does not apply, I knew this was a risk I was taking.

I just wanted a place I could take my phone and possibly have it sent in directly to the company. Personally I've seen the work done by some "cellphone repair shop" and it can be sloppy. They aren't all the same but I wanted an authorized place.

-Thank you for the comment


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