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Screen issue blank but flickers on

My laptop powers up normal but no screen. If I open and shut screen it flickers on then straight off again. Will do this everytime I open and shut the screen/lid

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What is the model number of your laptop?

Try the torch trick to see if it is a LCD backlight power feed (or lid switch) problem.

Turn on the laptop and when you think that it should have booted all the way to the Windows desktop (check HDD activity light has settled down), shine a torch at an angle close to the screen and check if you can detect the Windows desktop image. (you may have to peer closely to see it, as it will be very faint)

If you can detect the desktop image then you either have a faulty LCD screen backlight power circuit, a faulty lid switch or a faulty video flex cable.

The video flex cable may have a fracture, (usually around the hinge area where it passes through from the base to the lid). Try gently pressing near the hinges to see if you can affect the display at all.

If you cannot detect the desktop image then connect an external monitor to the laptop and see if it displays OK and stays on when the laptop is turned on and the lid is moved.

If it does then you either have a faulty video flex cable, or a faulty lid switch

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