Also known as Samsung on5(2016) with the model number G-570. A slim metallic body with corning gorilla glass and exynos 7570 quad chipset.

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Need Help with Communication problem

This phone only 1 month old ' have been getting issued trying to call someone saying ' they can't hear me properly and the communication sounds muffled ' phone has been glitching ' is there a way solved this problem this is brand new from shops can't believe it only 1 month and there a issue..

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Thank you jayeff I will try the vacuum method , if it doesn't work then I'll take it back to the shops for warranty Anyway Thank You sir


Hello Ian,

I also had this problem soon after buying the phone. The problem resolved itself after I restarted the phone. but the problem recurred two or three times after that which again was resolved after a restart. The problem has not ocurred since the last restart. Fingers crossed. If it happens again I will contact Samsung.


Emergency call problem


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Try using the earphones with the microphone attachment and make or receive a call.

If you still cannot be heard properly then there is a problem with the voice transmission circuit in the phone.

If this is the case, verify the purchase date and then consult the warranty statement that came with the phone's documentation as to what to do to make a claim for a warranty replacement.

If you can now be heard properly then there is a problem with the phone's microphone. It may be faulty, loose on the systemboard or the voice "inlet hole" on the bottom of the phone may have become blocked with lint etc.

To check the last possibility, use a strong light and a magnifying glass to see if the hole appears blocked. If it does DO NOT try and clear it using a pin or probe as the microphone is directly behind it and you may damage it. Try a vacuum cleaner using short sharp bursts to see if this clears the obstruction.

If it doesn't appear to be blocked then see warranty claim above.

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