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Small media streaming device that plugs directly into your TV's HDMI port. Originally released by Amazon in November 2014. The latest version comes with a voice-activated remote.

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Add a power light?


I wasn't going to post in here until I got my last question figured out, but I have this and I want to do this ASAP.

So my fire stick is a bit wonky, not always wanting to power on. So I'm not sure at times if I have the wrong channel, or if it's the USB cord/port, or if it's the HDMI port.

So I thought I could add a power LED to indicate if it's receiving power, so that way I at least know it is getting power.

This is assuming the LED won't drain too much power ( which I don't think it will)

I just need to know where to install the light. I have an idea where, but I want to be 100% certain.



Here's the fire sticks guts, pointing to the micro USB port in each photo:

Block Image

(Without plate)

Block Image


Block Image

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If you put it across the USB Vcc and Ground connections on the systemboard, that will only tell you that the power is available at that point and that the USB connection to the cable and the cable etc. is OK.

As you stated at least you know that the power is there and it is a starting point to go from if the Fire Stick is not working.

As to the current draw, as you have to insert a resistor in series with the LED anyway (say 150 Ohms to start with to reduce the current flow through the LED - and also to ensure the correct voltage drop across the LED for it to operate), hopefully it will not have any impact on its' operation. If it does it will be trial and error to get the value which still allows the LED to light but doesn't impact on the Fire Stick.

Make sure that you install the LED correctly.

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It could short circuit it, could it not? Definitely not something I'd do. Try plugging it into a computer with a cable you know works.


Hi @pccheese

Thanks George, yes polarity is important as it is a diode. and I forgot to mention it. Where's your sense of adventure?

Also is a PC USB port good enough? Have answered before that they require about 900mA or more Powering my fire tv stick off my TVs USB port and all that a PC port provides is 500mA.


Thanks. I'm already considering getting a new one :b this one is shoddy as I said, not to mention missing a remote. :(

The reason this came up (again) today was because it decided to stop working AGAIN.

Luckily got the Wii u working this morning, so I'm using it for videos ATM.

After I get my current open question figured out, (Stereo amp) I'll maybe move on to figuring this things issues out.(Probably not though) :/ Gotta do one thing at a time, and I haven't really had the time for a whole lot.




Are you sure your not under warranty?


Hi @pccheese

I think that just opening the device to take the pictures has already voided any warranty.


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