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A laser printer series by HP for home and office use. These printers often have problems with the formatter board.

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Jam light always on


Jam light is always on, and i cant print

i have open every single port and tray and there is no sign of paper jam...

i have pressed the test switch, below the formatter card and printed one page with horizontal lines (engine test) ... that means that i have to change the formatter card?

any other way? because it's an old printer and the formatter card is too expensive.

this is where i find out about the test switch: http://www.laserpros.com/tech_tip_p2015....

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Jam sensors are almost always little levers that "block" the paper path, but are easily pushed out of the way, to where the other end of the lever will block some kind of sensor, usually some form of optical beam. sometimes they can be jammed by bits of paper if you remove a jam and a piece tears off.

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I have seen the levers get knocked out of their sockets when the jammed paper is removed the wrong way. Always pull jammed paper in the direction of the print path to keep from breaking the lever or popping it out of its sockets.


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