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The Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is a headset designed by Kingston. This device comes with a headset, removable microphone, and an inline USB audio controller and is compatible with most computing devices. Model number: KHX-HSCP-RD

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Right ear quit working

Out of nowhere the right here stopped working so i wiggled the wire a little it gave a little sound for a couple minutes. Then just stopped completely. I couldn't find my receipt so the warranty is out of thee question. So i decided id take the thing apart and try to fix it myself. I got inside and im not sure what to do now. There are no videos on how to do it so i need some help. The wires seem to be soldered in place but im not sure if they need to be connected to something else. Here is what the wires look like now: http://imgur.com/a/AVEv1

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how did you take it apart? my window curtain decided to knock the headset off the shelf and the right ear sounds really tinny and no bass comes from it now. i think the speaker is loose and need to get in there.


It isn't solved. One ear, the one with the mic, has an extra wire in it for the mic. The right ear doesn't contain a mic so it only has one wire. It's supposed to have one wire.


i've just excperienced this, no sound in the right ear, no matter how i move the cord theres no sound, pls help


Before you guys do anything, check the balance. Go into playback settings then click on your headset and select properties. Go to Levels and then Balance, and make sure both speakers are getting input. For some reason, my right was on 0 and my left was normal, so only left played sound. If that doesnt work, try using a different usb port and then try unplugging and replugging in your 3.5mm jack into the usb dongle. If NONE of those work, its the headset...


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Here's a thread that discusses the inner workings and wiring of these headphones: Can anyone help me identify which wires go to the left, Right,Ground

Apparently it's confusing in there. Looking at your picture and the one posted in that thread, it looks like there's a wire missing in yours where that lonely hill of solder is.

Good luck!

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what did you do to solve it?

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The only explanation to this problem is 2 sided.

One side is. The dongle or the Y Splitter used is being faulty. Which is up to the product holder to replace if its the dongle. The Y splitter costs around $ 3-5 at most. The dongle isnt replaceable since you would need a new cable.

The second side is that the headset is so low grade inside when put together that it falls apart from a little shaking.

My own Hyperx Cloud II has a problem with no Bass coming out of the left but LOTS in the right. Checked everything “FYI i work as a Data Technician.” Balance is as it should be. Headset has never been dropped on the floor or hit to make enought impact on it to wiggle wires around. Basicly i noticed when i wiggled the wire and the Jack 3.5 in the dongle moved that sound would get worse. Im an active user of Discord, and i got LOTS of problems with this headset there. For once Everytime you connect something to another device in this example 3 spots in total. You lose around 2 Db. “Decibel” Which is the meassurement of the active line between what it can broadcast.

So im losing a total of 6 Decibel. PC-USB. Dongle - JACK. Microphone - Headset. Sooo many places that the problem could be at.

I know for sure that im going to look for another headset. Im not happy about the way that Kingston decided to make this one. I thought it would be more durable than others for the price they want for it. Granted this is written in 2019. The headset is barely 2 months old.

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