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Is it possible to repair this dent?

I bought this MacBook used, it was fairly dented up, and I just dropped it making it worse. Is it possible to pound this dent out, or should I just get a replacement case on eBay? Here are some pictures .https://plus.google.com/+dastumer/posts/...

Do you guys think it is worth repairing? It bothers me quite a bit, but I'm a bit hesitant to do a full teardown.

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There is a lot more downside than upside. You can't fix the dent without getting inside the case. I would leave it alone and learn to love it.


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Yes it is possible to fix, of cause.

You will need to grab an upper case from a dealer, and you can keep your lower case as it has your serial number printed. If you don't care about the serial, you can also replace it anyway.

Is it worth a fix is totally up to you, as you are asking, I assume you want to fix it, then it is worth fixing!

You don't have to do a "full teardown" to replace the upper case, but it's almost a full one.

There is a guide describe all the steps you need to replace the case.

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Thanks, I tried pounding it out first to see if I could make a difference, I might replace it in the future.


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Just for future people, I managed to get the majority of the dent out by hammering at it using a wood block and ball peen hammer for the straight sections, and popsicle sticks and wrenches to push out the corner. Here's pics : https://plus.google.com/+dastumer/posts/...

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