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Released in 2010, the Sony Vaio SVE11B11L: also known as part of the Sony Vaio E Series. Produced by the Sony Company and is associated with other models, such as: SVE11125CXB, SVE11125CXW, SVE11135CXB, and SVE11135CXW.

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Not didating the hard drive

i removed the cmos battery from the mother board after fixing it back, when i tried to on it, i discovered that the system is no longer dictating the hard drive, so in this case, what do i do?

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tanx so much, but i have done that sir, but the issue here is that, the system is not entering BIOS setup, i have been using my F2 command but it has refused to enter setup, is still showing operating system not found, so what do i do next


Remove the computer battery and the CMOS battery for 30 minutes, then replace both and try again to enter Setup.


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Boot to the BIOS, by Tapping the F2 key when you Power On. When the BIOS screen come up, scroll to the "Disk #1" setting and press Enter. It should find your hard drive. Save and Exit, and your drive should now be the default.

Good luck,


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