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Repair information for the Canon PIXMA iP4700 color inkjet photo printer. Released in 2010. Model number: iP4700.

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My printer is having problems Printing.

My ip4700 is printing very faint lines or not at all. This is mostly the black print but the colors are having similar issues.

I did a nozzle check and it was perfect. Everything printed fine. The instructions say not to do a cleaning if the nozzle check is okay.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi @dreemsnake ,

What happens if you copy or scan a document using the printer's control panel, does it print OK?

If it does and you are only having problems when printing from a computer, what OS is installed in the computer and how is it connected to the printer, wireless or cable?


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I would suggest running a cleaning a couple times, and if that doesn't resolve the issue, try replacing the ink cartridges.

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