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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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CMOS battery in SP4

can you remove or unplug the CMOS battery in the SP4? Or is this not possible? thanks

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I ALSO need to reset the UEFI password on my Surface Pro 4 (I never set one in the first place but I have the error and cannot get past it) and cannot find ANY battery on the motherboard. Please help with further information about resetting the UEFI password because I have tried everything else in the article. My Surface is in pieces. I busted the screen attempting to open it but will buy another if someone can actually help me get past the UEFI password error. Your help is much appreciated, thank you!


i also want to know where is the cmos baterry in surface book


Is this surface book 1 situation ?


A Surface was not built to be open. The CMOS as far as I know powers everything on the Motherboard including the time. If the battery is not charge the timer goes back to the day it was manufacture. With the time set back to that day and time.



I volunteer at Willow Creek Computer Connection(S. Barrington, Illinois) and we get in donated computers to be refurbish then they are given to school children. We got in a dozen MS Surface which 11 were re-image with a license Window 10. The last one has its motherboard locked by a password. With that lock on the motherboard the USB port does not work.

A MS Surface is made not to be open since there are no parts below the screen other than the motherboard and the batteries. There is no coin battery.

By re-setting the Windows 10 program I can get into the command screen, but I need to get into the motherboard to and by pass the password to make the Surface work so as to be re-image with a new license Window 10.

Any solutions on this problem?

Richard Cornell


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This machine doesn’t rely on a CMOS battery judging from the teardown. These devices typically rely on a small reserve capacitor near the Flash ROM or have a dedicated battery line to do the job the CMOS battery would normally be used for.

If you want to get the CMOS RAM to save again, you will either need to find the capacitor(s) that provide power to the CMOS RAM, or replace the battery.

That being said, the capacitor is usually fine and it’s typically due to a older battery. However, you may as well double check the board and 100% rule it out.

Block Image

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I too require help with this, can I simply drain my battery completely and have the bios resetted?


Remove it for 24 hours and it will lose any charge it has. Capacitors only hold power short term. Won't work on BIOS passwords but a bad checksum that needs forceful clearing will go be removed.


Hey Nick having some issues with my Surface Pro X. Been sitting awhile now battery dead. I charged and get "Enter system password" " Surface UEFI settings have been protected" How can I access?


No luck on resettinv password locked bios? I need help on this too if possible.


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