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Icon shows "charged" when not plugged in

Here is another problem that is new on my iPod (I just don't know what's up with it, there are so many failures):

The icon in the upper right corner shows that the iPod is fully charged, the icon with the plug that follows the flashicon, but the iPod isn't plugged in!

So what do I have to do? Anyone an idea?

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thanks for your answer, but these steps didn't fix it.

So I just tried to plug it in and use the windows' "hardware soft removal" (I don't know if it has this name in english) in the taskbar the lower right corner, and it worked!

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That's great! I suggest accepting your answer just to close the question


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Hold the center button and menu button for several seconds to reset the iPod, if that doesn't work try toggling the hold switch (leave it off when done). If both fail, try plugging into a computer and restoring the factory settings. If all fails, wait for it to run out of charge then charge it again, then turn it on.

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