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Repair information for the Pony 42, a Troy-Bilt brand riding lawnmower.

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I tipped it over while storing it... and

my lawn mower has been in shed for 3 days. I didnt realize i had tipped it over while storing it.... and now it's blowing white smoke and oil is all over the shed. What do I do?

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If you run your mower for more than 5 minutes and the smoke and oil are still spitting out of your exhaust, it could have one of a few different things wrong with it.


  1. It could have a stuck or bent valve.
  2. It could have a broken piston.
  3. It could have been filled up with premixed gas (gas which is premixed with oil and used in two-cycle engines like that in weedeaters, chainsaws, leafblowers etc.)

I would check the gas first. Pour a little out into a glass container and see if it is bluish in color. It would be this if the mower is running fine but just has the smoke problem.

If the mower doesn't sound good while running it would more than likely be one of the first two problems I stated above.



I would like to add one more thing to my answer.

When a mower is tipped over the oil has a chance to leak past the piston rings and coat the piston and valves. This will cause the motor to smoke until all the oil is burnt off, taking 5 minutes or more to stop smoking.

If the mower doesn't stop smoking after running for awhile then see the above answers I stated as possible causes, but in your case I think it will stop after the excess oil is burned off.

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Wipe off everything that you can on the outside while cool. Check the oil and gas levels and add fluid to replace spilled fluids. The spilled fluid will probably just burn off (think when you spill a little oil on the crankcase of the car....).

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What happens if the oil is not burning off, the mower continues to smoke and spit oil despite oil levels on dip stick being between two dots?


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