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Samsung Wf330anb drum seems too low in rear

I have a Wf330anb Samsung washer. It started making as loud whine at the end of the spin cycle. Eventually would not balance with 2 minutes left. Have changed the rear dampeners because the drum looks much lower than it should be. The springs look brand new. Still looks too low. Could the bearings make it look this way?

I have pics but do not know how to attach.

Thanks for your time

Update (04/19/2018)

I have taken the rotor off. It looks good and the bearings "felt" good. I do not mind changing the bearings but is there a way to check the bearings before taking the shaft completely out?


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If you changed the dampeners, that should have corrected any support issues for the whole outer tub. Top spring issues are extremely rare.

The first thing I would check for a whining sound/balance issue would be the rotor in the back. Looking at the washer from behind the back panel - there is one bolt in the center that holds the rotor in place. This can back out slightly from torque over time, and needs to be wrench and hammer/impact drill tight.

If that isn’t it - you’re looking at bearing issues, most likely.

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