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Volume control crackles out of R side while adjusting the volume at lo

I have a technics SA 5370 receiver that crackles out of the R side while adjusting the volume at lower levels. Is this a cleaning issue?

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I was able to use compressed air, there was a small opening on the top of the volume control pot that I could blow the compressed air into it. Works great!


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I don't know your receiver but looking at the user guide shows that there is only 1 volume control.

I'm assuming that this controls the volume to both the L and R speakers.

It may be that the control is a dual gang type potentiometer - (example only) which means that it can possibly be the problem and that it may be able to be fixed by cleaning the pot using an electronics cleaner spray if you can get into it that is.

If it is not the dual gang type then perhaps the problem may be located in the balance control. Try turning it fully clockwise anti clockwise a few times (with the unit off) to see if this has cleared it up.

If you can't clean the volume control pot then you may have to replace it. Hopefully there are values written on it which will help to find a replacement. Its' physical size also usually helps to determine its' power rating as well.

If needed post some close up pictures of the volume control potentiometer back here and hopefully someone may be able to help further. Adding images to an existing question

Hopefully this is of some help.

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