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Repair guides for the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015), released June 2015.

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Can I upgrade the storage on my samsung?

My phone keeps running out of space, I have seen various options some of which doesnt help.. so I ask this forum of techs, is their a way definitive way of upgrading this phone from 16gb to something higher say 32 or 64?

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Hi @mystique28 ,

One way to increase internal storage is to configure the largest capacity SD card that you can afford as adoptable storage

You also need to update the phone to Android Version 6.0 (Marshmallow) to be able to do this.

You may already know of this way. If not, be sure to read the pros and cons of using your SD card this way.

Also not quite sure regarding the specifications of your phone as some sites say it supports 128GB micro SD card and this one states 256GB micro SD Card.

Whichever one is correct, it should support a 64GB SD Card, thereby giving you 80GB of 'internal' storage, if you use the adoptable storage method with this card.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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I tried to increase the storage space of my device in the light of the information you provided and it worked, thank you.


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