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The Asus Q551L is a 2 in 1 device released in 2014 by Windows. The screen is 15.6" and the device comes with a 2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

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Need help isolating problem , schematics?

First, I was given this notebook in this condition. There is no visible damage, every thing appears to be in great condition, no signs of abbuse in any way, shape or form.

Second, model is an exact match Q551L, but notebook is 17" screen, 1tb H.D. and 4g Ram.

Ok.... Every time the lid is opened it crashes. No matter what I try. If the lid is left down the unit functions great. Connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and all is good. Raise the lid to the point of switching to on board screen and CRASH, everything is gone!

Try powering on with the lid open? Starts booting just to the point of graphics appear on the screen and it crashes. Upon inspection of hardware, all seems good. Almost seems as if the amount of power required to light the screen is overloading something. Also in order to boot it up again, I must first pull not only the main battery but the bios battery as well, Reconnect batteries and A/C adapter and it boots right up. Again open the lid just a tiny bit, slowly....keys backlight .....ok ...little more......screen lights up and CRASH !! Lights out !!!! All is gone. Sorry for the lengthy question, any ideas or a response at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, and have a beautiful day.

Update (07/10/2018)

Here are some pics of the notebook.

Block Image

Block Image

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Have you tried another screen??, or at least disconnect the screen from the motherboard??


Not really clear on how to disconnect it. Don't see a ribbon or anything thing easy to disconnect , and with it being touch screen and all , well...just didn't want to add salt to my wound so to speak. I've searched for a service manual or schematic for it, but have yet to find one of any help. I know there must be more than just 2 little wires going to it. Any suggestions as to which it might be?


The cable you need to disconnect is the one on top right of the first photo, it goes out up, so do it carefully. Then try powering up your laptop with the lid opened, and when your doing that make sure that nothing is touching the cable you disconnect.


My first thought when I received this laptop was that there was a short somewhere at the hinge point. But if the cables are disconnected it could not be in the cables. I will check again around the motherboard. Nothing is loose . Could it be in the magnetic switch that signals to the CPU that the screen has been opened? And if so, how could I go about checking that. I still have not found a schematic for this unit, have not tried to find one recently.


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Hi @codemanlivs ,

Can you try disconnecting the LVDS cable on the motherboard and using an external monitor then start the laptop with the lid up?

I think the LVDS cable also contains the backlight power as I can't find a separate cable in the parts list BUT I may be wrong about this.

If it starts OK without crashing it may be that the backlighting has a problem and is overloading the supply causing the protection circuits to come into play.

If it still occurs with the LVDS cable disconnected from the motherboard, disconnect all the cables coming from the lid to the motherboard (on the motherboard) and try again, just in case the backlighting is on a separate cable

Ensure the power is totally disconnected from the laptop including the battery, before disconnecting the cable(s)

If it works OK then it points to the problem in the screen

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Ok.... Finally got back to this project a few months ago....haha busy I guess!! Took forever to figure out where I posted this question! So.....

I unplugged everything from the screen and .......nothing changed. It still crashes within seconds of the screen/lid being opened.


Hi @codemanlivs ,

If everything is disconnected from the screen and none of the cables going to the lid are damaged where they pass through the hinge area (assuming that you haven't removed the cables to check) then perhaps the case is flexing as you move the lid and the motherboard is touching something it shouldn't or there is a loose connection elsewhere that is opening with the movement.

You say that the laptop stays on when the lid remains shut and that it works with an external monitor OK, when you have it in this condition try gently (stress gently) tapping the case (motherboard?) with the handle of a screwdriver at various places to see if you can cause it to fail or at least glitch.


First I must thank you for your time and patience in this matter. Sincerely....it is much appreciated!!

Ok.....Powered up and running, opened the screen quickly, screen lit up and closed it quickly, laptop remains on. Again the same, same results. Open lid, screen lit.....approx 3 seconds and unit crashed. I have both CMOS and main battery disconnected so I don't have to open it and dis and re connect them each time I do this. Noticed just now that when I open the lid and connect power the screen does not even have a chance to light up before it crashes. It does not reach that point in the boot process. Closed and running .... tapping, shaking, banging, twisting does nothing. Also just noticed, powered up and opened during a spot in the boot process between the Asus logo and the widows welcome where the screen is dark. Had the lid opened for like 7secs and closed it without it crashing


Hi @codemanlivs ,

You said "....there was a short somewhere at the hinge point. But if the cables are disconnected it could not be in the cables", so presumably you disconnected the motherboard end of the cables.

Is there more than one cable passing through the hinges (either hinge not just the one) and have you disconnected everything you can see going to the lid from the motherboard, at the motherboard end?

Try starting a "barebones" laptop and check what happens i.e. motherboard, laptop's internal keyboard and battery power supply (or adapter) only , no RAM, no HDD, no ODD, no screen etc.

Do you get beeps indicating POST failure due to no RAM but the laptop stays on?

If so switch off and add RAM and try again to see what occurs. As long as the laptop stays on each time, switch off and add one component at a time and try it until it fails etc.

Do the screen next so that you hopefully get a message re no boot device etc.


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