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Вот некоторые основные инструменты, используемые для работы на данном устройстве. Вам, возможно, не понадобиться каждый инструмент для каждой процедуры.

Background and Identification

The Asus Q551L was released on July 19, 2014 by Windows and is not currently being sold in any retail stores or on is currently out of stock but lists the price as $519.00. The device is also available on eBay for $499.00. It comes with 8 GB of RAM. The main features are the touchscreen and the 360-degree hinges. It also features stereo speakers, Bluetooth, Ethernet LAN, and USB/HDMI ports. Windows 8.1 is the default setting on the device, but it is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 10. The model number is 8277940 and can be found on the back panel of the device. There are no known manufacturer recalls.

Troubleshooting page

Asus Q551L Troubleshooting

Additional Information

Posted below are three helpful links to online resources concerning the Asus Q551L.

Asus Global Support


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