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The Asus Q551L is a 2 in 1 device released in 2014 by Windows. The screen is 15.6" and the device comes with a 2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

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Where is the 2nd RAM slot?

From what I understand this laptop, Q551LN has a second ram slot. I am wondering where I can find it. When I open it there is a silver tin that has one but the other is no where in site. Any instructions on how to get to the second one would be great.

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Hi @valxander ,

Don’t know about a second RAM slot, but at 9:00 minutes into this video it is mentioned that there is 4GB of onboard RAM and that the total RAM can be increased to 12GB by inserting an appropriate 8GB RAM module into the slot.

You could verify this I suppose by turning on the laptop with the existing RAM module removed from the slot and check whether it starts or not and if it does how much RAM is being shown in BIOS or in the OS

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There is no second RAM slot. You have 4GB built into the motherboard and you’ve already found the expandable RAM slot under the silver tin. You can remove the 4GB chip that’s already in there and replace with an 8GB chip. To make the most out of this laptop, I have utilized both a 500GB and 1TB SSD replacement drive and achieved great performance for everyday computing - education/school functionality, email, web surfing and home music/video playback. Samsung SSDs are compatible, convenient to obtain and reasonably priced.


There isonly one Ram slot. It is correct that the Q551LNcomeswith 4 gig installed soldered .on the motherboard. Personally I don't know why Asus didn't just make it 8 gigs instead of 4 as ram costs so little at the manufacturer level. I am curious as to if you could install a 16 gig module into the slot to have a total of 20 gig. Is it possible to replace the soldered ram with an 8 gig soldered chip? That would be much nicer as you could get an8 gig and put in the slot for 16 gig. I am not sure if this isthe proper place to ask but I also heard that there is an M2 slot on the motherboard. If so you could add an M2 SSD drive internally to boot from. I love my Q551LN, except it is far from a speed demon. When it was sold to me I was told it had 2 gigs dedicated Ram for the Nvidia internal video card, Yet I never have seen evidence of this? This laptop was purchased at best buy and was well over $1000.00 at the time.


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See step#6 of this guide, it shows RAM just above the fam on the middle image:

Asus Q551L Repair Motherboard Replacement

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