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A mainstream series of desktop computer sold by Hewlett-Packard between 2011 and 2013.

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It won’t start

I have an HP 2012 pavilion p6. It won’t start. The button lights up but it won’t load. It’s my sons desktop.

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Does the machine post ? do you hear any beeps. If so how many ? do any of the fans spin up ? Some things to try

1. Pull the plug so it has no power then hold the power button down for 60 seconds. then release it and plug it in and try to boot .

If this gives no joy

2. Remove all but one stick of ram and try to boot that way try with each stick individually .

Still no joy

3. Replace the power supply with a known good supply

Hope this helps

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Power supply failures in HP desktops are fairly common, since the OEM unit HP has used for the past ~5 years is cheaply built. I suspect the OEM power supply failed. Replace it rather then trying to repair the old one, since the cost of a replacement is cheaper. DO NOT buy another HP unit; it'll have the same problem. Find a nice one from a reputable vendor like Corsair or Seasonic.

Since HP loves Torx T10, you will need one of these to get the unit out initially. However, many power supplies come with common Phillips #2 screws, which I'd recommend using if you get them; don't waste your time with the annoying HP screws. The other problem is depending on if the power supply you buy has dual hole mounts drilled into the case, you may not be able to use 4 screws BUT should be able to get most of them installed. While this power supply (Corsair CX550) doesn't have 2 drill points for the last screw that's prone to problems in OEM systems, it's a good inexpensive replacement power supply.

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Thank you! My son appreciates this very much. I will order the part & replace it.


It's not just an HP problem; it's contagious with all of the big OEM's like HP and Dell.

Boutique system builders don't use these cut rate supplies that fail, generally.


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