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Released in August 2015, Model number: P01M, Intel Atom Processor Z3530

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Cant find Replacement part p00j

Hello, I have an Asus ZenPad Z8s (P00J)

I'm looking for replacement screen, just need working LCD and Digitizer, glass may be cracked.

Does anyone know where i can find one?

Already checked ebay/amazon/local vendors (no luck)

Thank you!

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Hi @martinetsdm ,

Here’s a link to a supplier of a new LCD screen + digitzer. (click on the “display“ box)

Alternatively search for 90NP00J1-R20010 (this is the part number) to get other suppliers that may suit you better.

This link may also be of some interest.

(Asus zenpad Z8s p00j) where can I find replacement screen?

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I used part number and was able to find it!

Thank you for your help! :)


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