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Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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What could cause brake pedal to be hard to push down

Changed both o2 sensors now my brake pedal is extra hard to push to the point of not even stopping . 06 dodge caravan

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Check the vacuum lines on the engine there could be a vacuum leak caused by a vacuum line being removed to plug in the forward o2 sensor. follow the electrical lines from the front o2 sensocr to where it plugs in and see if theres any thing that got disconnected . You can also listen for a hissing sound . Hope this helps

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Ty, it got disconnected!! Lol


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Vacuum hose disconnected from power brake servo or power brake servo has failed diaphragm (very rare). Massive vacuum leak that causes inadequate vacuum for power brake assist. Air bubbles in hydraulic lines. Disc brake calibers seized or dragging building up excessive heat (usually with visible smoke). This can lead to boiling of fluid and bubbles in hydraulics. That is about all I can come up with at the moment. Also I don’t see how the o2 sensor could be related but maybe something got disconnected (see above) and not hooked back up properly.

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