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The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) is a smartphone from Samsung.

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Phone completely not responding

I have been using this phone and this morning, I restarted my phone. After restarting it, it doesn’t turn back on. Tried soft reset, hard reset and charging it. Even plugged into the computer and its not detectable. Can someone give me a solution or idea what can I do next. Please and thank you.

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Sorry you’re having this issue. It turns out that your battery “may” be the issue. I found a post from 2016 that looks very similar to yours. Check it out: Phone wont turn on

I hope it helps you. Also Lithium batteries will do strange things if the “sense” circuitry is bypassed. You can either try jumping (MAY EXPLODE! - though never happened to me or mine BUT MAY!) or get a new battery (EASY BREEZY!)

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how do i try jumping the battery? is there a guide?


Hi again,

I personally use a lab supply. Basically a "variable battery power source!" In effect you would look for "a greater DIFF voltage."

So let's say your battery is in a protective state "DEBUG" - by jumping - (ARCing) or shorting / introducing / connecting a higher voltage to the battery. (It is possible to remove the battery from it's DIAGNOSTIC STATE- (inoperable for DUT!)

The post from 2016 is pretty spot-on! I would really consider replacing the battery for the earliest resolution turnaround.


Alright. I suppose I shall try to get the battery replaced before doing something else crazier. I'll update here once i know the issue!



Make sure you check the ifixit.com parts list. I recently ordered the business tool kit. All I can say is that it's 90% paid for by itself on (2) jobs!

This site is pretty much my "triage" stop for ground zero repairs. (Yes you can go ANYWHERE but I am batting 100% here on component availability alone). I just need an A1574 battery and my next job is finitto!


I had the power source tested and the power into the phone is only at 0.15-0.17 while the tech said it should be 1.00 and above. Is this true? He added and say it might be the power intake issue or motherboard.


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