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The Xbox 7MN-0001 Wireless Controller, was manufactured by Microsoft Corporation. It is the first generation Xbox One controller released, but has since been discontinued. This controller has since been superseded by Models 1697/1698 and Model 1708. While this controller is commonly used with the Xbox One, it can also be used for PC gaming.

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How to fix a right analogue stick

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My right analogue stick has a constant pull upwards causing ingame characters to look up constantly, the left analogue stick is working perfectly, I took the controller apart to see if theres any damage on the module but it looked pristine. In the image I added it shows the controller when I am not touching it and shows the offset amount, Y rotation is the right analogue sticks vertical input and X rotation is its horizontal input, I have tried multiple times to calibrate it to no avail. Does anyone know whats wrong with it or a fix for it?

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I have the same problem but less extreme, around 4 to 5 percent to down and right. I’m very sensitive to this type of issue so i’ll probably get a new one.

I have a cheap knock off controller with 100% accuracy, i hope Microsoft makes better ones next gen.


lol they didnt, im currently looking for a solution for my series controller hahaha


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The 1537 controller is notorious for failing and this is a common issue. Along with the analog stick, the board itself is also known to fail and this will still happen if you replace the sticks. I don’t recommend repairing these since the boards are just as bad - get a 1708 if you can afford it - it’s much more reliable then the 1537 will ever be. Get a vetted board assembly if you don’t want to buy a new controller and keep this for spare parts. All of my 1537’s broke and I have not had one since the 1697/1708 replacements.

If you want to try and repair the controller by replacing the sticks, the guide to do this can be found here. It’s a complicated repair and both sticks need to be replaced or it will haunt you again.

If you cannot handle replacing the individual sticks or the actual board is bad, buy a tested or repaired board online and put that in the controller.

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I am unlikely to try and repair the controller, so when I get a new controller do you think I would be better off going with another controller or get another Xbox one, if so is there any controller you would recommend?


If your Xbox is fine just get the 1708 controller. It's not as failure prone as the 1537 and it's the only new mainstream controller anyway. Maybe the late production 1537 isn't as bad, but the early and mid production models were terrible. I'm glad I got rid of mine. It's repairable but it's so common that it will probably happen again unless you're brave enough to do the sticks only.

My 1708 was a hand-me-down I attempted the stick repair on (and I accidentally used a bad stick and damaged the board trying again) so I had to put a board from another one in and it's never failed on me. The 1697 is derived from the 1537 as it's a transition model as far as I can tell, so I don't recommend it (although to be fair, mine hasn't failed yet despite the 1537 derived design and all I had to do was glue the magnets in to prevent that from ever failing on me).


Sorry, I forgot to say I don't own a Xbox One, I would be using it on my PC.


My answer on which one I recommend isn't any different. If you can afford it (and have Windows 10), the Elite controller is worth a look if you can take advantage of it. I don't own one because I'm still using Win7 and it's of no benefit to me.

Fair enough - mine are for PC use since it's a highly compatible controller.


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there is afew solutions to this, one if you have rubbing alcohol you can put it on a que tip and rub it into the controller that has the drift. Or there is another solution where you can take apart the controller to get into the mother board where the analogue stick is and put a small flathead screwdriver into the part where you can twist it to adjust the controllers analogue stick you should have to twist it 3 times counter clockwise and that should fix it., I have this same problem but it looks all the way up and I cant even look down

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I don't have rubbing alcohol and I've tried every way I tried and it still doesn't work. Any new ways?


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