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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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Squeaky speaker like interference noise in MacBook Pro 2015

Hi there :)

I’ve purchased this laptop from company who repair laptops.

Left speaker is “squeaky” like it would have interference (and only when is active)

I’ve replaced it with second hand from eBay and still got such a noise - is it possible that something else is broken? Connector looks ok.

Can it be something connected with headphone jack or something else.

Definitely obvious things like new macOS reinstall - SMC and NVRAM reset did not helped :(

Some updates:

  • No liquid damage - all 10 or more stickers are white
  • Both speakers are 100% fine as I swap them and left working one was crackling in right connector.
  • System plays music great on headphones - so my guess audio chip is fine.
  • Squeaky speaker still plays music - but with squeaky background.
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When the speakers are making sound when you are not playing something that has a sound is what we call leakage. This could be a low hum to a high pitch squeal.

The cause is often related to a bad noise filtering capacitor or liquid damage.

What was the warranty on the sale? I would bring it back to get fixed by them.

Update (11/26/2018)

This will take some work ;-{

You'll need a set of schematics and board view to locate each one. You'll also need to work though quite a few caps. I would start around the audio area first,

To give you an idea here is the part of the logic board you’ll need to start with

Block Image

The Yellow marked chip is the DAC and the caps on this side and the other here

Block Image

Will need to be checked one by one.

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sadly no warranty - and definitely speaker replacement is fine as I've replaced it left (which is 100% fine) with right one - which is confirmed it is fine too.

So must be something worse.

crackling noise mostly comes from that "smaller" speaker (not woofer) - but cannot separate sound 100% so I'm not sure.

Now the question is - where is that capacitor - and I don't think so about liquid damage - as all 10 or more stickers are white and - there is just one speaker crackling - so there would be capacitor for left and right speaker?


so quick questions before I mess up with micro soldering :)

1. Why do I get clear sound on my headphones? There is no other audio chip responsible for this output - so it must be fine.

2. Sound in left speaker sound like ... distorted - which means I can hear music - but with crack in background.


Never stated the issue was with the DAC chip its self! Your issue is the other components around it (noise filtering capacitors).

You are correct! There is only one DAC and its analog output goes to the headphone outlet and the internal speakers.

As Stated you'll need to review the pathways from the DAC to your speakers as well as your headphone jack. Clearly there is a difference between the pathways.


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