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A high-performance gaming console created by Microsoft, featuring 4K visuals. Model number: 1787

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Xbox one x controller connectivity issues

My xbox one x seems to randomly disconnect any controller i try to sync after playing for a few minutes. I have a feeling is the wifi card but i dont see anything on here how to replace this for this specific system just the old xbox one console.

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Dann hast du bei Schritt 9 die Kontakte verbogen beim wieder einbauen. Bau die Konsole wieder auseinander. Kontrolliere die Goldenen PIN Stecker und biege dieser wieder gerade. Danach funktioniert wieder alles, ich hatte den selben fehler

Then you bent the contacts in step 9 when reinstalling. Disassemble the console again. Check the Golden PIN plug and bend it straight again. Then everything works again, I had the same mistake

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