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This is the 2018 model of the HP OMEN that features an Intel i7-8750H with display, RAM, and HDD specs that vary by model.

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Transparent vertical line on screen

I have an HP Omen 15-ce0xx laptop - it is only a few months old. Yesterday when I opened the lid and turned it on, there is a 3 inch wide transparent vertical line, off-center (right) of screen. It is transparent enough to still work with, its just slightly darker where the line is (like the brightness is turned down). When the background (or opened window) is white, it just shows as a transparent line (like a grey transparent block) but when the background is black (like my desktop) you can see a ‘burned’ image of the last thing I was working on (photoshop), but only where the vertical line is - I never noticed before if anything else prior was burned onto the screen. It has only been about 20 minutes since I closed that program, so I don’t know if it is permanently burned on there. As I type this, the grey line covers half of this window so it doesn’t prevent me seeing what I need to type

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Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop and check if its’ display is OK or not. Press the action key on the laptop to switch between using the laptop screen, the external monitor or both screens on together (key with the rectangle symbol with a line at each end in the row at the top of the keyboard)

Even a TV can be an external monitor if it has HDMI inputs and you have a compatible HDMI cable to connect between the laptop and the TV.

If it is OK it appears that there may be a problem with the laptop screen.

As it is only a few months old it should still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Consult the warranty as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

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