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An SSD, or Solid State Drive, is a type of storage device that uses NAND-based flash memory to store data.

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Apple 2016/17 Apple Blade SSD 5GA 34+22 Pins NVMe Converter / adapter

Hi I am looking for a adapter that allows me to plug in a 2016/2017 non touch bar ssd drive to usb or usb-c to read and test drives externally. I cant find anything online

Apple Blade SSD 5GA 34+22 Pins NVMe

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Did anyone ever find a solution. I’m having the exact same problem. The Apple 22 + 34 pin SSD used in the newer 13” Macbook Pro Fn models.


Did anyone ever find a solution. I’m also having same problem. Looking for an adapter for for Apple 22 + 34 pin SSD.


Same problem here. I'm searching thoroughly, but no luck yet. :-(


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@porterk74 - Please review my answer here Access to files on SSD drive.

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@rmmorshedbk - Sadly, the market for anyone to make a case to hold the SSD is just not there. OWC would have been the only one to have offered one and I don't see anything on their web site.

Apple has moved on to fully soldered SSD drives in the newer models.


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A little spendy at $60 USD. If it’s for a 128GB SSD then probably not worth it. Could find a comprable (size/performance) for less with greater aesthetics.


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How does this Tableau adapter connects to PC/Mac? Is it SATA, or USB?


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