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Smartphone designed by Xiaomi in the Redmi Note line.

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Redmi note 4 charging issue :

Redmi note 4 charging issue :

1.It is not continuously charging …….after 5 min or in few min it will automatically charging stopped….after i re plugged its charging ..and again same issue.

one day its charging up to 3%. fullday it connected battery indication is glowing but at the end same 3%

what is the issue any suggestion vradhakrishnan25@gmail.com

please help me

i tried many things:

1. I replaced new battery….

2. mobile factory reset by “mi pc suite mode”

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Try to resolder the USB port pins.

If you have a multimeter it is more easy to locate the problem. If you have one let me know and i will tell you where to start.

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Thank you bro .....the mobile power port pin is sometime shacking......i think it is broken..

thanks for the suggestion....


i'm glad it helped you


yes bro the issue is fixed as your suggestion .....i given to service center again ..they replaced the mobile power port pin now its working fine .......thank u bro........


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