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Xbox One controller introduced in 2016 with the launch of the Xbox One S and adds Bluetooth support for Windows 10. This controller is the current mainstream controller sold by Microsoft. This controller fixes many of the design flaws found on Model 1537/1697 controllers and is much more reliable.

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What is easier to replace? The expansion port or the motherboard?

The expansion port on my controller stopped working, haven't opened it up but It is definitely the expansion port (the 3.5mm adapter works just fine in other controllers) I was wondering if the best option for fixing it would be replacing the single port or the whole motherboard.(I have no idea which one its connected to)

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Наборы переключателей Nintendo

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I’d open it up and see if you can’t spot the problem, look for burned components:

Xbox One Wireless Controller Model 1708 Bottom Motherboard Replacement

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The issue with replacing the port is it’s mounted with SMD soldering so you can’t easily replace it. Unless you have a donor secondary board and really good soldering skills, you will mess up the connector if you even try removing it.

That said, it’s rare for the connector to fail in general (unless you spilled Mountain Dew on the port). Try doing what @mayer suggested and look for burned resistors and capacitors. Unlike the connector, it’s practical to replace SMD parts on that level. It also wouldn’t hurt to protect the connector with kapton tape to err on the side of caution.

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