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The Mazda Millenia is an executive car produced by Mazda, a Japanese automaker, between 1993 and 2002.

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How to change ignition

How to change ignition

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James Clark ignition what? You need to tell us what the issues are and what you are trying to accomplish. Try to use more than 4 words ....;->


@James Clark Do you want to change the ignition switch assembly, if yes, do you also have a security system (anti-theft)? Typically you will need a hammer and very sharp chisel as part of the process but lets see exactly what it is that you need to do first please.


Ignition switch?

With lock cylinder, or without?


Ignition module?

Ignition lockout/immobilizer?

Ignition relay?

More information required.

What are the symptoms, or how was the ignition diagnosed as the issue?

Help ‘us’ help you!


My bad, just saw someone covered those details, thank Turkey and Duane, they're right on point.



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Here are the instructions for replacing the switch:

Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove steering column upper and lower covers. Remove screw(s) retaining ignition switch to steering column. Disconnect ignition switch harness connector. Remove ignition switch. To install, reverse removal procedure.

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hope this helps


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