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The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a Tablet/Laptop fusion that was released in 2013. The Surface Pro 2 is the successor of Microsoft's Surface Pro and uses Windows 8.1 through Windows 10.

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Regarding replacing the adhesive on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2

I’ve seen similar questions to this, but many of the answers are old (likely due to the age of the device) or don’t address all my questions so I wanted to seek the latest and greatest. My apologies if this is a misstep.

I’ve completed the battery replacement of a Surface Pro 2, tested it to make sure everything works, and now need to stick the screen back on.

I’m uncertain which adhesive to use. Many people in these forums seem to recommend Tesa 61395 or it’s earlier red tape equivalent. Some favor a variety of different 3M tapes. Is Tesa 61395 adequate for tablet screens (rather than smaller phone screens)? Do I need to be concerned regarding the thickness (as in depth) of the tape? Ifixit offers precut sheets of Tesa 61395. However I’m uncertain how big those are, and thus how many I’d need to buy to stick a tablet. Any advice on that?

How difficult is it to remove Tesa 61395 if I need to open the device again. I feel like the ifixit / tesa video listed it’s heat point as something like 200 degrees celsius (far higher than the 60 - 80 I was recommended to heat the Surface Pro 2 screen on to open it).

When it comes to applying adhesive, the consensus seems to be that one should clean all the residue of the previous adhesive off. With the Surface Pro 2 that will be… difficult without specialized products. Is there any concern in using a product like a goo-gone to clean the digitizer or plastic bezel?

Regardless, my thanks for any advice anyone might have, and my apologies for the trouble.

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Hi @minigendo

I can only offer advice on products I’ve used and my personal experience working with Microsoft Surface products in the past.

All old adhesive should be removed completely from the inside of the device. I can say with confidence that you should not use any liquid adhesive removers as they will saturate the inside of the device possibly causing more problems in the future. If the adhesive is simply too much to remove, then a small amount of 99% alcohol is safe to use. The best way to to scrape it off gently using sharp metal and plastic tools.

As for reattaching the screen assembly, I’ve always used Red Tape or TESA red tape. The thickness shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re not using any kind of foam tape. I can’t speak for how effective Tesa 61395 tape is, but I’d trust iFixit to deliver a quality adhesive. You should avoid the pre-cut kit and get a good sized roll (3-5mm should do) for the long stretches across the device.

Best of luck finishing this repair!

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