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Repair guides and support for the fourth generation Forester, a compact crossover vehicle manufactured by Subaru.

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Why are all lights on on cluster

2014 Subaru Forester. Someone messed under hood and I tried to figurieit out?

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Hi @lynslynn ,

Somebody “messing” about doesn’t sound good.

The best that I can suggest is to go through the engine diagnostics section of the repair manual for the vehicle, applicable to your engine type, to see if you can start tracking down where the problem is.

Here’s a link

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When you say all lights on, are you referring to 100% of all IDIOT lights. Normally when you turn the key on, all IDIOT lights come on for what is called a Bulb Check, then after a few seconds, most or all of them will turn off if everything is OK. This timer is most likely your problem, need to locate this Bulb Check Timer, is it a seperate unit or is it part of the main computer? Could be a Timer Relay stuck closed also??


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