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The Samsung Eternity is rectangular candy bar shape smartphone with a large display.

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The touchscreen doesn't react to taps

All of the buttons work on my Eternity, but the touch screen doesn’t react to taps to bring up anything.

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It may be either a loose touchscreen (digitizer) cable connection or a faulty digitizer.

Either way the phone will need to be opened and the touchscreen flex cable connection checked to see if it is OK and if so then most probably the touchscreen will need to be replaced.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung Eternity Digitizer and Screen Replacement guide, which may be of some help.

There are suppliers online that sell the digitizer but unfortunately all of the ones I found say “currently sold out”. You may have better luck in finding a supplier. Just search for Samsung Eternity (or Samsung A867) digitizer part to get results.

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I have located and ordered a new LCD digitizer and screen, but I hesitate to replace it myself. We have an IFIXIT store in my town, do you think they would switch it out for me, for a charge of course. THANK YOU for answering my question!



Not sure.

You can only ask if they do.

If not here's a list of repair services who, if I have read it correctly, have agreed to a code of ethics regarding repairs, so that they can advertise of ifixit.

Use the search to check if there is one in your location.

If still no good, contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service (or 3) and ask for a quote based on the fact that you're supplying the parts.

If any of them don't know how to repair your model or say that it is too old, not worth it, get a new phone etc, find another repairer.

Also ask what guarantee that they give on the repair work. Bear in mind they may say that they won't guarantee the LCD screen/digitizer part as they didn't provide it.

Hopefully this is of some help.


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