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Repair guides and support for the out of production cars and SUVs manufactured by the Saturn Corporation

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Daytime running light relay

I have a 2002 Saturn SL2 and the tail lights/dash lights don’t work. We replaced the Daytime running light relay and it worked for 2 weeks then burnt out the 10 amp fuse. Any ideas?

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Which fuse?

Try replacing the fuse and check if it holds or burns out straight away.

If straight away there may be a wiring fault that is placing a direct earth on the feed. Perhaps a lamp wire Insulation been rubbed away exposing the wire to the body of the vehicle

If the fuse holds and all the lights work check if one is really bright indicating higher current flow which may eventually fatigue the fuse into failing.

Just some thoughts.

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could check for any bare wires or connections shorting out with water or against other electrical components, if its taking its time to blow the fuse then its probably something being effected intermittently.

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