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The GoPro Hero5 Black is an HD waterproof action camera released by GoPro in October of 2016. The 4k resolution video camera has voice control, a touch screen display, and built in WiFi.

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My sd card went inside all the way down inside the slot for it

When i put my sd card in it went behind the slot for it and i can't get to it. It disappeared down into the slot and i can't see it. How do i get it out

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hi @dalire ,

You’ll have to open the camera and see if you can gently remove it from the card reader without damaging anything.

Here’s a link to the ifixit GoPro Hero5 Black Motherboard Replacement guide.

It is useful as it shows how to open the camera so that access to the card reader is possible.

Be aware that the card reader has an internal spring latch that operates to hold the card in when it is inserted correctly so be careful that it is not damaged when you try to remove the card, otherwise you’ll have to replace the card reader.

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