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Portable record turntable manufactured by Crosley in 2012.

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Why turntable works and but nothing is coming out speakers

The needle is on the record with the needle guard off but still no sound through the speakers.

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Do you get audio when plugging headphones into the headphone jack or if you connect the turntable's Line Out audio connections to an external sound system?


No unfortunately I try that and it still didn't work


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Hi @ mitchell schmidt 21

You will have to open it up and and use an Ohmmeter to check the connections from the needle cartridge all the way through to the control board preamp input.

If that is OK then the control board needs to be checked, initially for any obvious problems such as burnt out components, loose wiring or dry joint solder connections etc and then "live" testing may be necessary.

if you spot something (or even not) and are not quite sure post some close up images back here. Here's how to do this Adding images to an existing question

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