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How can I wipe a locked logic board?

So I am replacing a logic board on an iPhone 7 Plus and I find a cheap logic board on eBay for less than $40. Come to find out, it is locked. I have tried YouTube/Googling and have yet to find a method that will allow me to get past the required lock screen which displays the limited email address. I get it into recovery mode > Restore and Update > Lock Screen. Other methods require me to manually enter DNS addresses but like I said, nothing.


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You can’t. Also keep in mind when buying a new logic board such as that one your eyeing on eBay it won’t work with your existing touch id sensor, this is because they are paired at the factory.

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As Reece said there’s no technical real fix to a iCloud locked board as Apple will always see the S/N as locked. However if you really need it to work you can use a tool called Checkra1n then pay to get service working as well as being untethered. The service is called sonick14, keep in mind if you restore the phone with a computer it will become ic locked again.

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Yes this is possible, but thats jail breaking. If you want to do it all clean you would have to buy a logic board fingerprint sensor combo.


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