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How to change burned switch?


I’m trying to fix my cooler box. I open it and found out that the cool/warm switch burned.

Can someone give instructions how to change the switch and make this cooler work again.

I added a few pictures.

Thanks in advance to any answer

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @odedgutman ,

There’s only the one picture, so can only give you a general idea of what to do.

Check for any rating information that may be on the switch itself, i.e. voltage (V) and current (A) and then search places such as this or mouser.com or digikey.com for one that has the same ratings and dimensions etc. Use the data sheet that is with the component to find a compatible and suitable replacement.

Depending on how it is mounted you may need soldering tools and skills to do the repair

Be aware that there is usually a reason why a switch contact burns out. This is due to excess current flowing through the switch or arcing occurring when the switch is operated. You may have to check what the switch connects to and see if there is a problem there as well. If it is on a control board then check the components around where the switch is connected to for any obvious signs such as being heat stressed etc.

If there is something or if you’re not quite sure, post some images back here. Here’s how to do this Adding images to an existing question

Hopefully a start.

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Thanks very much, i added some more photos so if you have any more advice please write...



Measure the dimensions of the switch and look for a 250V 3A two way middle off switch which has the same dimensions.

Also follow the red wire from the In+ side of the switch on the pcb to check where it goes as it looks like the insulation has faded due to heat, i.e. excess current flow.

You will have to find a switch using the filter selection on the website.

These are the specifications to look for

Not sure if it is a spdt or a dpdt switch You may have to check the pcb to work it out.


through hole,



as it is an on-off-on type switch i.e. operated on either side but off in the middle position but you will have to check the physical dimensions will fit.

You may also have to check the pcb to make sure that any tracks are still OK near where it is burnt.


Thanks again, it's very helpful


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