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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Unpairing Apple Watch during setup

Hi, I have had a series 4 GPS since about March 2020 It's been working fine, but about mid August , it stopped connecting to the internet. I thought maybe unpairing and repairing it would fix it. I unpaired it and factory reset it, and went through that process. Once I finished doing that and got to the pairing screen, and I started to pair it again. On restore from backup, it would say preparing, and then load for about 2-5 mins, before I got a screen saying something along the lines of "Unpairing Apple Watch, this could take a few minutes." Once I let that load through, I tried to start as a new watch, and once I picked my wrist preference, it would load for about 2-5 mins, and it would do the same unpairing thing. Anyone know a fix?

its out of warranty

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Which version do you have? You would need the LTE model if you don't have your watch tethered to your iPhone via Bluetooth/WiFi connection.

Do you have the needed service plan for your Watch or iPhone? Or are you using your homes WiFi connection.


It’s GPS version

I tried with cellular data & several WiFi networks & other iPhones too

Still getting same issue


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Your watch will only work via your iPhone (tethered) then your iPhone’s network connection is either via WiFi or cellular that’s if you have a phone carrier plan.

Are you able to manage your watch from your iPhone using the Watch app? If you can’t then you won’t be able to leverage any app that needs a internet connection like the stock market feed. Beyond that you don’t have a full web browser so many web sites won’t work on your watch if you launch a URL link.

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I ask question for pairing issue after reset Watch

I can’t understand what you mentioned in answer

How able to manage watch without pairing?


@Rock STAR I was understanding your issue was "it stopped connecting to the internet. "

The restoring is from the iPhone's network connection if you have an iCloud account which you used as a backup.

So lets backup... Are you able to use your Apple watch at all?


While selecting backup also it was unpairing

After few minutes


So, your issue is not the watch or your phone as both are working correct?

Then it's the network connection is not stable! You'll need to find a better location either via the cell tower (getter closer sight line) or your WiFi AP and you may need to check on your routers internet connection.


Here's a bit more on Apple Watch backup and restore How to back up your Apple Watch


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If you continually have issues connecting the device to your phone, try this.

  1. Force restart the device (hold the crown and power button)
  2. Once the device turns off, let go of both buttons. When the apple logo appears, hold the power button (lower right one) until the erase all content option appears
  3. Follow the prompts and allow the device to reset.
  4. Pair the device again

Hope this helps!!

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Im having issue with when im pairing my watch with my iphone it unpair while setup on the update now part

Any help?


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I had a similar issue with my apple watch. My issue was with an iphone 10 and an apple watch 3. My apple watch stopped charging on any charger I tried many solutions until I did a full reset. After that pairing became impossible just like you. It sounds eerily similar to your scenario. seems like the reset was the trigger for both of us.

I tried every solution just like you including different phones and nothing works. I think at this point its either the apple store or a new watch.

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