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Earpiece Replacement and Face ID Functionality

I’ve been asked to replace the front earpiece for an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Will Face ID still work after replacing this part? I’m a bit uncertain about this from the repair guide: “The flood illuminator forms part of the biometric Face ID security feature, and Face ID functions will fail if the original component is damaged or incorrectly installed. Replacing it with a new part will also cause Face ID to fail, so take extra care not to damage any of these components during this procedure”.

Link to guide: iPhone 11 Pro Max Earpiece Speaker and Front Sensor Assembly Replacement

It seems that the flood illuminator is included in the earpiece that needs to be replaced. Anyone have any experience with this repair?

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Hello Lucas - from what I gather if you are replacing the whole Earpiece and front sensor flex assembly on any iPhone with FaceID, FaceID will then stop working. This is because it is paired to individual iPhone, and when changed the phone knows it has been replaced so deactivates FaceID. You will need to use the original earpiece flex assembly to retain FaceID. So in short, yes, replacing the earpiece and sensor flex cable should deactivate FaceID sadly. Hope this helps (:

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