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Dell Monitor - Vertical lines - Stuck pixels?

Hi everyone!

I have a Dell U2717D monitor. Unfortunately, there are a few vertical lines in a spot of the screen. I’ve read a bit on the internet trying to find a solution. I’m used to repair screens that don’t power on (faulty capacitors), but not this type of problem (pixels).

First of all, the problem occurs even without connection to a PC. So, it is not a bad cable such as HDMI or DisplayPort. I can see the lines by powering on ONLY the monitor.

I’ve done the BIST test from Dell. The test puts a colored background such as RED, BLUE and GREEN. I can see that the lines alternate in colors. Sometimes there are more lines, sometimes less depending on background color. I don’t really know what to understand from this.


I’ve disassemble the monitor to check for any loose connections inside. Unplugged and plugged back the ribbons, nothing has changed.

Is this case repairable ? What could I do ? Could the ribbons be defective ? Should I try to find replacing ribbons or they can’t be the source of the problem ? If so, where could I buy these (I’m from Canada) ? Is the problem inside the panel ? At this point, I believe that nothing could be done ? :(

This is a great monitor that works really well otherwise. I would really like to repair it.

I’ve already seen the following question: Vertical red line on Dell monitor. Stuck Pixel?

But, my problem isn’t solved.

What could be defective ? A ribbon cable ? The board ? Something inside The Panel LG LM270WQ5 (SS A1)?

Thank you very much for your help,


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That’s a TAB failure in this case - not stuck pixels. With TAB failures, there isn’t much one can do to repair them as the machines required are more than you want to know about and buying it to fix one display makes no sense.

In many cases with a TAB issue like this, the cost of the panel outweighs the cost of a newer monitor purchased brand new. You can still use these as test bench monitors due to how cheap they can be purchased, but unless the lines are barely noticeable it’s not an issue many can easily live with day to day.

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What exactly is a TAB failure ? I've tried to find some info about this just to understand better.

It's sad to learn that it is not repairable. It was such a great monitor!


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