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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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I want to fix a water damaged mac.

This is a hypothetical problem for a still learning mac repairman.

There are a lot of forums and help sites saying turn power off, dry out mac and cross your fingers. This forum is different.

Water damage is already done.

I know to clean off the connections on my ram with rubbing alcohol. But if that does not fix the problem, how do I go about fixing the water damaged parts?

Short of replacing the logicboard (assuming that was what was damaged) what can I do to fix the mac.

-What are the most commonly damaged parts when water is spilled? and how would you fix them?

-If the logic board was damaged. What exactly happens when water hits the logicboard and it "fries". Like what physical damage is caused and how can I reverse it?

I am skilled at saudering and not scared to go into the thick of the parts to fix the problem. I just dont know where to start finding the short.

Thank you for any hints, tips, suggestions, anything.

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Hi, I am having the same problem. I know this thread is from about 4 years ago but if you get this, could you please help me out. My MacBook is 3 months old and water leaked and went into it and now I'm stuck with it with nothing else I can do and with everyone saying there is nothing I can do. If you get this, could you please help me out. Thank you.


I had the same problem. I replaced I/O with no luck. Turns out it was the batter $19.00 fix


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I don't think that water hits the logicboard and fries it every single time. I have repaired iphones/toys with water damage just with repeated cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush (girly eyemake-up brush) the parts that most needed replacing were connectors..the water tends to pool in the logicboard side. I know I'm answering about a macbook, but I think the principle is the same..clean your board,dry-assess residue,clean again, and again and again. Remove any white or greenish residue from around ALL the parts. Leave to dry. use a new/known good power source to restart...hopefully you'll then be able to troubleshoot. As Mayer says follow the trail..if the liquid came in through the keyboard then it probably ran off at the edges/through holes in the keyboard, check the areas under that. A good multimeter for testing parts helps.

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So it IS POSSIBLE to fix it, right? I just bought a MacBook 3 months ago and water leaked into it yesterday and of course Apple's one year warranty does nothing to help me. So here I am now, a college student who has a 3 month new broken laptop and everyone is saying nothing can be done now. So something CAN be done, right?


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Here's our guide on repairing liquid dMAGE: Electronics Water Damage

Without replacement parts it's very hard to say what may or may not need to be replaced. If you have one of the newer machines with LSI (liquid submersion indicators) just follow the red dots to get an idea of what may be damaged.

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It could be anything. After using ifixit to disassemble my whole mac one cable after another after my toddler dumped a full glass of water on the keyboard, it finally ended up needing a new battery and leaving the cable for the external battery indicator lights disconnected... that was what shorted! With it connected no recognition of battery even existing. Disconnected, the battery charges and operates perfectly. I'll live without the lights...

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There's a few videos online about testing the SMD fuses on the Logic Board. If you've had liquid or (liquid caused) corrosion generate a short, you would be best to trace the power flow through the board and test each of the fuses, replacing those that fail.

Obviously this is after thoroughly cleaning all the corrosion and Liquid from the board that caused the failure in the first place. If you have any parts that are corroded, it's probably best to replace those also.

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