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16:9 LCD monitor with a 1600x900 resolution display.

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monitor for security cameras dvr

I am trying to hook up my hx2001l monitor to my night owl security camera dvr through the vga port. I can’t seem to bring up the on screen display on the monitor. All I get on the screen is (frequency is out of range). Any thoughts?

The monitor has been working properly for years as the monitor for my wifes home pc

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was the original monitor a night owl monitor?

i know most of the time security camera companies use specific equipment so you cant interchange them out. (forcing you to buy only their stuff)


In the nite owl dvr general settings menu, under display settings there is an adjustment for vga and hdmi frequency's . After the first adjustment I could see my cameras on my gateway monitor. DUH! If you are seeing "frequency out of range" on your monitor after connecting a nite owl dvr to it, go into the dvr settings menu under general settings, you should see display. That is where you can change the frequency output to your monitor.


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Hey Kenneth,

The traditional length of VGA can only support about 150’. It is hard to believe you would be out of range since most VGA cables are like 6 feet. Have you made sure the input of the monitor is set to VGA? I would look at that before anything else.

Hope this helps.

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I was able to change the frequency in the dvr to put it in range. Thanks for your response.


I'm glad my input helped, and that you are up and running!


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The issue with this monitor is it only likes a handful of resolutions or it goes “out of range”, and is limited to 1660x900, so the resolution support plus obsolete resolution aren’t doing you any favors with this security DVR.

Contact the company who makes it, and see if you can force it in the supported range:

Block Image

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There is a setting in the dvr that allows you to change the frequency output to the monitor.


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