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Repair guides and support for the random-access memory used in computers.

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Two RAMs not working together

So my two DDR4 RAM which are same in everything, used to work together before, but all of a sudden they are not working together.

The RAMs do work individually but don’t work together, they both are 8GB.

I know that the slots are working as I tried changing them and putting them together.

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What is your system? Make and model.

Depending on what you have you may need to use a different set of slots (Banks Vs Channel).


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Make sure that your motherboard’s BIOS is up to date, along with any updates for your operating system. Also, look at each RAM stick individually to make sure that they are indeed exactly the same. If one of them looks inferior for any reason, you could consider replacing it. My laptop has a cheap factory 4GB SDRAM stick and a better 8GB SDRAM stick that I purchased as an upgrade. They both work together, and it doubled my laptop’s speed while enabling more browser tabs, etc. to be open at the same time. Get to know your computer’s motherboard, it’s capabilities, your RAM details, and any drivers or software that could be useful. Good luck! I hope this helps.

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Is working 8g ram


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Make sure you have in them in the correct slots,

if there are 4 slots, do 1 and 3,

I think

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Try changing the slots by putting one ram card in a different slot....that way it might work

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Check bus rate should be same




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If they worked before and they don't now, one of them may have developed a fault.

Or maybe there's some crud on the contacts of either the ram sticks or the slot.

You should take a good close look at the ram slots and the ram contacts.

If there's any foreign material there, CAREFULLY lift it out.

For the ram, any dark spots or marks on the surface should be removed with a SOFT eraser.

Do not ever use an ink eraser. It'll remove the plating.

Use a pink eraser or a gum one.

If that doesn't fix it, then the stick may have developed a glitch.

Run a memory test from bios or Google memtest86.

It takes a while, but you have to let it run for at least one full round.

Good luck

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