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Touch not working properly

Glass is cracked on the side and now the touch isn't working properly. Will replacing the glass fix this? The LCD is undamaged

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@alled1981 glass and display should be replaced as an assembly unless you have the equipment to separate the assembly etc. (most likely you do not. Purchasing this would cost you more than a bunch of new assemblies :-) Anyhow, yes replacing the display assembly will fix this. It is not cheap but it’s the only way to get it done. Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Replacement

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@oldturkey03 actually I can separate the glass from the LCD, I'm just not clear on if the digitizer is bonded to the glass or the LCD. And I don't want to go to all the trouble of replacing the glass and still not have it working.


@alled1981 yes they are bonded. Replace it with an assembly will be more expensive but it also has a higher likelihood of working unless you have teh tools and experience to do the separation.


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