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An SSD, or Solid State Drive, is a type of storage device that uses NAND-based flash memory to store data.

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Is this SSD DRAMless?

As I am upgrading my desktop from the XPS 8500 to a custom built i5-9400f setup (new case, NVMe SSD, RAM, power supply and Win10 Pro license, used motherboard and CPU) I have an SSD in the XPS 8500 I want to migrate to my Mid 2012 MBP - it has spinning rust and it’s slow :-(. I already replaced the HD cable, so don’t worry about that.

However, the SSD will be a “used pull” from the XPS and I do not know which type it is. This is the SSD I will be moving to my 2012 MBP.

Is it known if this is a DRAM drive or DRAM-less? The spinning drive is painful to use more then ever as I phase spinning rust out!

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WD easystore SSD specs (very limited)

Tested rating: Drive Rating Relative to Top 10 Common Drives At the bottom at 3,359 the next one up is Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB at 24,214! A very large gap!

Its a very cheap sllloooowwww drive!


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Hello Nick! This particular drive does not have a DRAM cache. The only SSDs from Western Digital that have a DRAM cache are their WD Blue SSDs. However, this drive will still feel very fast compared to a spinning hard drive. Also, your computer might not even have the SATA bandwidth to take advantage of a DRAM cache. I hope this has answered your question and fixed any problems you might have had.

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It has an i5-3210M CPU. I originally got the SSD as a stopgap upgrade for the XPS to buy some time for the 9th gen stuff to depreciate a bit, or my Plan B upgrade path worked out.


@nick I would say that this SSD drive will very fast for your MacBook Pro. Even though it does not have DRAM, it will still be very fast in your MacBook Pro compared to the old spinning hard drive. If you bought a ssd with DRAM and used that instead, you wouldn't notice any significant performance difference as your MacBook Pro uses a slower version of the SATA interface to connect to the drive.


@bobsinger The 2012 supports SATA III, along with 2011 - it's the HD cable that causes issues (hence why I mentioned I already fixed it).


@nick This SSD will be just fine then. I know that the 2012 MacBook Pro does have SATA III capability, but it might not be worth investing in a SSD with a DRAM cache, as in this old of a machine as it might not be as noticeable of a speed difference compared to the regular SSD.


@bobsinger - The Macbook Pro 2011 & 2012 system can fully use the SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) channel so I wouldn't worry about that. The real issue is of course the expense of the drive and the expected lifespan of the system. Is it worth putting a faster or larger drive into the system? Is the cost worth it in the end?

From the limited testing I could find this is not a very fast drive (maybe a bit faster than a HDD), but its Cheap! So one needs to think if the benefits of a faster more expensive drive is worth it or not. For a few dollars more a Samsung 870 EVO 250 GB can be gotten for $45 and get a lot more performance!


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